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5G brings doctors closer to people

March 3, 2020

Long distance surgeries, connected ambulances, faster and more precise apps are some of the innovations brought by this upcoming network technology

We had the chance to meet Toktam Mahmoodi (Director of Centre for Telecommunications Research King’s College London) during the 17th edition of the Italian Networking Workshop (INW), organized in Cavalese (TN) by FBK. In this annual workshop we had seen many original works in various areas of telecommunication networks, and the one that Totkam presented was particularly interesting because it touched different topics regarding some of our fields of research: 5G, edge computing and eHealth. She explained to us which are the opportunities given by those new technologies and the connection with healthcare. So we asked her in this video interview:

  • What does make the difference in 5G technology?
  • Why does 5g matter in healthcare?
  • What is the distance we can reach with 5G technology applications?
  • 5G technologies on the ambulance. How do they work?
  • What kind of remote interactions can a doctor have with patients on the ambulance?
The 17th edition of the Italian Networking Workshop (INW)

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