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A machine that can recognize emotions

May 14, 2019

Facial recognition: many uses and just as many problems. "Impactscool Magazine" talked about it with Emoj startup CEO, Luca Giraldi

On the screen, one’s face is superimposed with a series of points interconnected by lines that follow our movements and expressions. This is the algorithm developed by Emoj in action, an algorithm capable of recognizing emotions: those points are used by the machine to trace our face and the variations in distance and position between those points correspond to the different emotions. An innovative application of the concept of facial recognition: an increasingly widespread technology that is used in many areas, from unlocking smartphones and the use of emoji or animated Instagram filters, to more controversial approaches such as the use made of it in China to track the movements and actions of its citizens.

This technology uses the ability of artificial intelligences to recognize patterns, in this case the faces and their fundamental characteristics, eyes, mouth, nose. Facial recognition algorithms are trained to identify these fundamental forms in thousands and thousands of face images, becoming more and more accurate.

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