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A new organization for the Bruno Kessler Foundation

December 30, 2020

Starting from January 1, 2021, the statute of FBK has changed: there are now 6 new Research Centres and a Management dedicated to Marketing and business development will be soon inaugurated.

Starting from January 1, 2021, the Bruno Kessler Foundation inaugurates a new course in its long history, which started back in 1962, promoting a new organization of its research and an update to the statute which includes some important innovations.


The Bruno Kessler Foundation was established in 2006 and on July 14 of that same year a statute of a modern institution was approved which allowed FBK to grow, but above all created a culture of research capable of reaching out to the territory and relating to companies and with other public and private entities, both in Europe and internationally.

“This path that lasted 12 years has allowed FBK to strengthen and grow – said President Francesco Profumo – but the time has come to make an update of our statute, which has been adequate so far, but has undergone natural mutations throughout the years, due to the fact that the surrounding context has profoundly changed”.

What are the main innovations introduced by the new organization? Mainly three:


First of all, the need was identified to create a place where the managers of the different centres could meet, discuss and synthesize the culture and research of FBK to increasingly strengthen the connection between inside and outside. The choice was to create a management and coordination committee, coordinated by the Secretary general and in which the Directors of the research centres and the Director of a new function called Marketing and Business Development jointly participate.


FBK looks to the future also thanks to a strong focus on two themes, digital transition and green transition, which are key points within the new European program Horizon Europe, spanning during the years 2021-2027.

For this reason, the Foundation has chosen to inaugurate on 1 January 2021 6 new research centres, which replace the Centre for information and communication technologies, and has elected as many new directors through an international call: Alessandro Cimatti for the Digital Industry centre, Luigi Crema for the Sustainable Energy centre, Marco Pistore for the Digital Societies centre and finally Silvio Ranise for the Cyber Security centre. Given the exceptional nature of the health issue, there will be two new centres dedicated to this area: one for Digital Health&Wellbeing entrusted to Stefano Forti and a second one dedicated to Health Emergencies, led by Stefano Merler.


The word marketing is not so common in research. For the “new” FBK it means reaching out, investigating what the existing and emerging questions – not only technological, but of social impact, education, and culture in general – in the large European agencies, institutions and companies are. These findings will be brought inside the Foundation to try to provide them with an answer in terms of research and projects.

Paolo Traverso was called to lead the new Marketing and Business Development Department thanks to his decades of experience in research at the highest level, his great scientific reputation and given the importance of a bridging role between outside and inside the reality of FBK.

He will be supported by three officers each dedicated to a specific sector: Fabio Pianesi, who boasts an international experience in EIT Digital, for the relationship with European institutions; Andrea Nicolini, skilled Trentino Salute 4.0 manager, for relations with the PA and local authorities; Giuliano Muzio, who has long been involved in managing relationships with companies, for business-oriented relations.


In 2021, in addition to the start-up of the new organization, the review of FBK’s ten-year strategic plan is planned to bring it into line with the new set up. Furthermore a thorough review of the services and administration departments will be launched to make the Foundation an innovative and up-to-date organization. So what the new FBK organizational set up for the future basically is? FBK follows a local and international line which carefully takes into account those social and relational aspects that have become crucial recently. An organization in which scientists are increasingly attentive to what is happening around us and to evaluate the social impact of our being”, replies FBK President Francesco Profumo.



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