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AIIC Award to FBK researcher Simona Anzivino

May 23, 2018

A biomedical clinical engineer, she won the award for the best work on the evaluation of health technologies at the 18th national conference of the Italian Association of Clinical Engineering

Simona Anzivino (IRCS-HTA Foundazione Bruno Kessler), a biomedical clinical engineer, was awarded the prize for best work on the evaluation of health technologies at the 18th national conference of the Italian Association of Clinical Engineering (AIIC). The challenge this year was fierce: of the approximately 200 works presented, only 24 were admitted to the oral presentation at the conference (Rome, 10-12 May) at the EUR-based Palazzo dei Congressi and finally awarded in the various categories.

This is an important result that proves the central role of the evaluation of health technologies in the production of innovation for health. The work, starting from the goals of the UNCAP (Ubiquitos iNteroperable Care for Aging People) European project, has introduced the concept of HTA by design.  It introduces the application of the principles of HTA (Health Technology Assessment) right from the design stages of the research and development process of each new technology. This is a fundamental change of pace that would allow the development of health technologies already in line with the requests of the health service by not wasting resources and maximizing the health objectives.

The new challenges of medicine require in fact greater attention to the definition of innovation and value in healthcare. Achieving positive health outcomes in a sustainable way and reducing unjustified health inequalities are two of the main goals of any health system that embraces the challenge of value-based health care. Thus, even in the proposition of technological innovation it is now important to relate to this challenge and to accompany the development of innovation with a careful assessment of the costs, benefits, safety, effectiveness and social impact that the new technology can bring to the Health System.

The UNCAP European project, which involved 23 partners from 9 European countries (Italy, United Kingdom, Slovenia, Romania, Greece, Germany, Spain, Sweden and Macedonia) has developed an open and modular ICT infrastructure designed to help the elderly (including those with mild cognitive deficits) live independently. The UNCAP infrastructure, through the introduction of an ecosystem of biosensors and indoor and outdoor localization solutions, allows the constant monitoring of the user’s physical and cognitive status, and also the creation of a range of new services designed to encourage healthier life styles and a more active aging process. The project involved many local organizations. It was in fact coordinated by Trentino-based Trilogis and saw the participation of the University of Trento, Fondazione Bruno Kessler, the Trento Province Healthcare System and the SocialIt IT company.

The award seals this commitment and further proves the leading role of the Trentino research and development community in the field of health and HTA digital technologies.

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