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Breuckmann Award – The winner is Erica Nocerino

April 11, 2017

Her project explores the issue of 3D acquisition and modeling of small museum objects.

Erica Nocerino, a researcher with the 3D Optical Metrology (3DOM) Research Unit of Fondazione Bruno Kessler, is the winner of the lastest edition of the “Breuckmann Award”.

Her project, entitled 3D MASTER (3D Mass digitization of cultural heritage) explores the issue of mass digitization, i.e. three-dimensional (3D) acquisition and modeling of a large number of small and medium-sized objects.

In recent decades, the creation of three-dimensional digital models, commonly known as “3D digitizing” in the archaeological heritage field has become a common practice. Its significance for the dissemination and preservation of culture and its symbols is widely recognized by the scientific and cultural community of the entire world. Extensive research and innovation margins continue to exist, though, especially for issues related to the quality and reliability of digital models produced with technologies that become increasingly available to non-experts.

The MASTER 3D project fits into this context and aims to contribute to the identification of guidelines for scanning and expeditious, yet quality, three-dimensional modeling based on optical sensors for small museum objects, characterized by different shapes, materials, and surfaces.

The prize is awarded annually by Aicon 3D Systems, a German company among the largest in the world in the field of three-dimensional optical metrology. The company offers the researcher the most advanced three-dimensional scanning technology, a period of training and exchange with their engineers, and a prize for the financial support of the 3D MASTER project.

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