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How artificial intelligence is changing professional firms

May 25, 2024

"I bring the point of view of research and those who develop AI solutions to enhance data generation and interpretation processes with the aim of improving the quality of services in the field of professional firms and Public Administration."

These were the words of Elisa Farella, a researcher at FBK’s Center for Digital Industry – an Italian pioneering organization for artificial intelligence research – during her speech at Palazzo Sardagna during the Trento Festival of Economics.

“In particular,” Farella explained, “artificial intelligence is reshaping the professional world through the automation and optimization of the most time-consuming and complex processes and with the opening of unprecedented scenarios on data analysis and prediction capabilities. For example, in the field of construction – from design to implementation to maintenance – the ability to manage, optimize and monitor every phase of the life of buildings and infrastructure through 3D digital models (Digital Twin) integrated with AI solutions for predictive analytics has become a reality.
Or think of the field of land mapping services and cartographic data production for private entities or public administrations: thanks to increasingly advanced technologies for data acquisition and processing and the enormous possibilities that AI offers for their interpretation and classification, we are witnessing a real epochal turning point in this field as well.”

Farella participated n the panel “How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Professional Firms,” with Franco Bernabè (Techvisory President), Giulio Biino (President of the National Council of Notaries), Giovanna De Minico (University of Naples Federico II), Gaia Martinenghi (Lawyer, Studio Legale Martinenghi owner).


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