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DOMOSENS, team play for a winning product

January 14, 2017

The kick-off meeting of the DOMOSENS project, which involves 6 Trentino schools was held on October 13, 2016.

It aims to build a home environment quality control sensor capable of signaling the presence of higher-than-allowed levels of Methane (in the kitchen or in boiler room) and/or carbon monoxide (in the living room, where there are stoves, in the boiler room).

DOMOSENS is a project that proposes a new form of collaboration between advanced research and secondary school in an experiment aimed at the design and launch of a true home automation product designed and built by dozens of students from six schools from Trentino, assisted by their teachers and by a diverse working group composed of FBK researchers. The project will continue until the end of school year 2016-2017 and will involve a total of about two hundred students. The participating schools have embraced the challenge of interdisciplinarity, which is at the heart of the initiative: they include two Technical and Technological institutes (“G. Marconi” in Rovereto, and “M. Buonarroti”, in Trento); one Classical Lyceum (“G. Prati” Trento), one Scientific Lyceum (“M. Curie”, in Pergine), one Economics-Technical studies Institute (“Tambosi-Battisti in “Trento) and one Art Institute (“Institute Of the Arts” of Trento and Rovereto).