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Facebook is using AI to solve some of its problems: here’s how

November 16, 2018

Facebook’s safety in terms of fake news and inappropriate content has been lacking in the past: now, artificial intelligence could help the tech giant to protect its users

by Filippo Scorza

When we talk about Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, we often feel that these concepts are perceived as destined for a distant future: perhaps we are not aware of what the predictive and decision-making algorithms are doing because they are not concretely tangible.

We read content on the web, we watch some television series or see some interventions and presentations, but perhaps we should stop and reflect on what these technologies do for us every day.

A machine learning algorithm, as we all know, needs large amounts of data to be able to “learn” and generate a set of information in the context in which it operates; at the same time, we know that platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google certainly have a lot of choices in this regard.

Mark Zuckerberg, now under suspicion for some time, was forced to cope with waves of trolls, fake accounts, bots, inappropriate content and multiple issues such as fishing and computer security.

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