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Families_share at the 2018 Festival of Economics

May 24, 2018


“From participatory budgets in Brazil to public spaces run by Italy residents, to taxi cooperatives in the United States, there is almost no service that cannot be democratically managed by citizens in a circular support logic”. With these words, Neal Gorenflo (co-founder and director of Shareable), introduces “Sharing Cities: activating the Urban Commons” A collection of 137 case studies and policies in 11 categories [Living, Mobility, Food, Work, Energy, Local communities, Waste, Water, Technology, Finance, Governance] that show that a city run by the people is not only possible, but it already largely exists.”

Also in Trento, as part of the reflection suggested by this year ‘s edition of the Festival of Economics, which explores the dimensions of the relationship between JOBS and TECHNOLOGY, a rich program of events, hosted in the Santa Maria Maggiore square June 1 through 3, focuses on how technologies are drivers of social, cultural and organizational change, dedicating a particular attention to the link between technology and inclusion. In fact, technologies can be a factor in sharing information and increasing social cohesion, but at the same time they can generate fears regarding the substitutability of human beings in the workplace.

With the coordination of the Franco Demarchi Foundation, there will be 12 Trentino-based organizations from the public, private social cooperation and volunteering sectors that work in the social field and in research.

FBK will be there. In fact, the event will see the participation of the working groups of the European projects Families_Share, conducted by the i3 research unit led by Massimo Zancanaro, and Commonfare, which involves the CREATE-NET Research Center, whose contact person is Francesco Botto. Dedicated spaces will host project presentations as well as laboratory activities.

Commonfare implements forms of participatory welfare through the construction of a digital platform.

Families_Share aims to co-design collaborative solutions in order to improve work-life balance in a CORPORATE WELFARE framework.

The Edmund Mach Foundation and Hub Innovazione Trentino (HIT) will also be present with an international project on the upcoming changes to jobs and local communities of the Alps, and with a meeting on climate change and related innovative solutions for high school students.

As part of the initiative, we also inform you of the public meeting on June 1 at 11 am entitled “Technologies and Inclusion” in which Luca Comper, general manager of the Autonomous Province of Trento, Vincenzo D’Andrea, professor of participated design and Information Systems at the University of Trento, and Gualtiero Fantoni, professor of innovative production processes at the University of Pisa, will exchange view, from different perspectives, on the topic of inclusion within changing organizations.

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