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Funding Opportunity from EU H2020 AGILE, FBK CREATE-NET led project on interoperable IoT gateways

October 10, 2017

The EU H2020 AGILE project is looking for companies to evolve and enhance the IoT gateway software / hardware solutions and find new applications for these project results.

The selected applicants will receive a subgrant (equity-free) of 50.000€. The call will close on 31st of October 2017.

The AGILE IoT project aims to create interoperable IoT gateways and a development environment that can support fast prototyping of IoT applications.

Applicants to the open call are expected to engage with the project by exploiting either AGILE hardware (there are an Industrial and a Maker’s version of the gateway) or by adopting AGILE Docker-based development environment, which also include Node-RED web interfaces, to reuse and interact with project-developed “pre-cooked” components (such as generic APIs for device management, device discovery, local storage etc.).

The successful proposals will also test and validate the use of AGILE interoperable gateways and associated development environment in existing (quantified-self, environmental monitoring, retail, livestock monitoring) or new IoT application domains.

Applicants will be judged on the ability to exploit the project results in fostering fast-prototyping and rapid IoT application deployment as well as on their willingness and ability to contribute to the growing community of AGILE developers / users.