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India – Italy Technology Summit 2018

October 30, 2018

Fondazione Bruno Kessler's researcher Luigi Crema will be the speaker for Italy on renewable energy at the Technology Summit 2018 scheduled for October 29 and 30 in New Delhi, India.

The bilateral event with the participation of political representatives, entrepreneurs and leading figures from the world of research and academia aims to deepen and plan the future of Italian-Indian cooperation in the field of applied technology.

The program of meetings and discussion panels will revolve around seven different sessions that, in addition to renewable energy, will include ICT, aerospace, medicine, cleantech, technologies for cultural heritage and higher education.

Thanks to the authoritativeness in the sector at national and international level, Luigi Crema, who leads the ARES Unit (Applied Research on Energy Systems) at FBK, has been invited as a speaker for the discussion on energy.

“For some years now”, Crema pointed out, “we have had active collaborations with India, in particular on the topic of energy for rural communities, within the bilateral ITPAR program, between the Province of Trento and MAECI for Italy and the Department of Science and Technology for India. On this occasion, bringing Italy and India closer to the topic of energy is an important national strategic asset. The management of renewable energy sources will play an increasingly decisive role in a context in which they aim to become the predominant resource in the European energy system. On this topic in particular, I will try to contribute with my perspective for a shared development program, including the role of energy carriers”.

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