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June 4, 2020

This year again, Fondazione Bruno Kessler renews its commitment to the researchers of the future and offers over 30 scholarships for doctoral students who can start already at the end of 2020 and work at FBK for the next three years.

The scholarship positions are opened in cooperation with the doctoral programs of the Universities of Trento, Bologna, Bozen, Genoa, Padua and Udine, and others and focus on a range of frontier research areas such as artificial intelligence.

Full information on the calls, up-to-date with new opportunities, can be found at

“Currently”, Bernardo Magnini, the director of the FBK International PhD Program, said “we have about 140 students from a number of countries around the world who do their doctorate in the various centers at Fondazione Bruno Kessler. We can say that their contribution is the lifeblood of research at FBK. At the same time, this PhD program is a great opportunity for future researchers. Fondazione Bruno Kessler ensures them a path of excellence, supported by experts of international standing, as well as the chance to exploit a network of academic and industrial contacts worldwide. The ease with which our students find great positions at research centers of leading companies, including, just to name a few, Google, Amazon, Facebook, IBM proves this excellence”.

Among the most recent initiatives in this area is the “Doctorate in Industrial Innovation”, in collaboration with the University of Trento, through which advanced training courses are activated on the topics of interest to the companies involved.

You can find full information about the 2020 calls at:

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