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Optics and photonics in Trento

June 17, 2022

Frontier research, technology applications, market trends, and societal spillovers addressed at Italian Icop2022 conference.

monitor the health of people and the environment, to find new answers to energy needs or security solutions.

The European community recognizes photonics as an enabling technology for the development of society. A field of study and application that sees Italy engaged in the international photonic sciences and technologies race. Trentino is also a protagonist with many initiatives within its research laboratories and with wide industrial impacts. In fact, in the technological platforms of the Trentino laboratories, many photonic devices are developed that find wide application. Further momentum to photonics is given by its use in quantum sciences and technologies where it represents a very competitive platform for developing algorithms and prototypes for supercomputing, secure communications and sensing. Quantum photonics is one of the cornerstones of the research carried out within the Q@TN, Quantum Science and Technology laboratory in Trento, a young and dynamic education, research and innovation lab.

Speakers at the Italian conference¬†Icop2022 (Italian Conference on Optics and Photonics) held in Povo included: the coordinator of the Icop2022 conference, Lorenzo Pavesi; the Chancellor of the University of Trento, Flavio Deflorian; Fondazione Bruno Kessler’s secretary general, Andrea Simoni; Hub Innovazione Trentino President, Ivonne Forno; and the director of the Department of Physics at UniTrento, Franco Dalfovo.

Frontier research, technology applications, market trends and social impacts were the focus of the three-day event that involved the scientific and industrial world of this industry.




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