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Paolo Traverso’s interview with Nello Cristianini

July 5, 2023

A novel and original video dialogue on Artificial Intelligence and its disruptive applications

On Tuesday, June 20 2023, on occasion of a conference, Nello Cristianini, professor of Artificial Intelligence at the University of Bath, was at Bruno Kessler Foundation and met Paolo Traverso, scientific leader in the disciplinary domain of artificial intelligence and head of Strategic Marketing and Business Development at FBK.

In this novel and original video, the conversation between the two scholars proceeds by alternating scientific aspects of AI with broader considerations about its expected impact on society, covering all the main issues currently under debate.

The dialogue, of the duration of about 35 minutes, was recorded alongside the event “DEEP LEARNING: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications“, which brought together at FBK leading scientists active on the topic of deep learning, machine learning, artificial intelligence, Mathematics, Statistics, and Neuroscience. Among all, Tomaso Poggio, professor at MIT Boston, whose exclusive interview for FBK Magazine can be found at this link.

Happy viewing and/or listening!

The development of the conversation touches on eight points; we indicate their starting minutes in brackets below:

  1. How machines can be intelligent (min. 1’00”)
  2. Can statistical algorithms understand the world? (min. 4’20”)
  3. Examples of practical applications (min. 6’00”)
  4. How does GPT work? (min. 8’00”)
  5. The emerging abilities of GPT (min. 11’00”)
  6. On shortcuts …and the monkey’s paw (min. 15)
  7. The risks of AI and its legal regulation (min. 25’00”)
  8. The importance of the media (min. 31’00”)


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