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The “Explorators of Photonics” Project Gets Busy

March 27, 2018

During the past weeks, the students involved in the project have visited the Povo FBK headquarters to follow two seminars and visit the IRIS and IFN-CNR laboratories

It is a busy time for the students of Trento-based “Galilei” and “Da Vinci”, Rovereto-based “Rosmini” and Borgo-Valsugana-based “Degasperi” High Schools, involved in the project “Explorers of photonics”, coordinated by the Institute of Photonics and Nanotechnology of the CNR and financed by the Caritro Foundation.

After the first one (March 6), the second scheduled seminar was held at FBK on Wednesday 14: Alberto Gola, head of FBK’s IRB (Integrated Radiation and Image Sensors) Laboratory, addressed the topic “Sensors of radiation in microelectronic technology “. After the second seminar, students took a tour of the FBK laboratories, where the they were able to deepen some concepts discussed during the seminar, seeing them applied in the research laboratories through the demo presentations entitled “The particle detectors: how to measure the invisible” and “A new foresight to defeat tumors “.

As on the occasion of the first seminar, held on March 6 by Maria Bondani of IFN-CNR, the students also visited the IFN-CNR laboratories, exploring the topics “Integrated optics: comparison of fibers and light guides”, “Diffraction lattices for sensors” and “X-rays for material characterization”.

Space then to the creativity of the kids, who together with their teachers (with whom they had already started a dedicated curriculum at school), will have to develop and present simple experiments related to the world of photonics.

The people involved in the project are Claudia Dolci, Alessandra Potrich and Alberto Gola for FBK, Maurizio Ferrari, Andrea Chiappini and Cristina Armellini for CNR-IFN and Cristina Bianchi for IPRASE.

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