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January 11, 2022

Reliving the Underground Trent thanks to Augmented Reality

The 3DOM Research Unit of FBK has recently added a piece of enormous interest to its research activities. Specifically, the team used 3D survey technologies to reconstruct the Underground Trent in the area adjacent to the current Social Theater through Augmented Reality. With the remaining structures of the current SAS, a methodology was therefore developed capable of detecting and reconstructing a map that today allows anyone, through a dedicated app, to be located within the map itself, to view the remains of the structures. of Roman Trento, and to walk virtually on the street and inside the rooms and environments found.

The technologies used for augmented reality in these projects are of two types. The first concerns the use of markers to be able to position digital objects in certain positions; the second, on the other hand, concerns the use of Visual Slam technologies in order to identify the device within a previously acquired map, within which the digital objects have been positioned.

This project is part of the already extensive design of digital reconstructions and visualizations through Augmented Reality in which 3DOM has always been involved. The goal, as always, is to support the end user, providing the possibility of “immersive” knowledge that can be controlled through everyday devices such as smartphones. The results achieved therefore affect both personal experience and a wider dissemination and awareness and understanding of our history.

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