For a Human-Centered AI

Chiara Ghidini

Her scientific work in the areas of Semantic Web, Knowledge Engineering and Representation, Multi-Agent Systems and Process Mining is internationally well known and recognised, and she has made significant scientific contributions in the areas of: formal semantics for contextual reasoning and multi-context logics; formal frameworks for the specification of deliberative resource bounded agents; ontology mappings and integration; collaborative modeling platforms, and predictive business process monitoring.

Dr. Ghidini has actively been involved in the organisation of several workshops and conferences on multiagent systems, Contexts-based representations, Knowledge Engineering, and Semantic Web, and has served as programme committee member for most of the top international conferences in these areas.
She has been involved in a number of international research projects, among which the FP7 Organic.Lingua and SO-PC-Pro European projects, a well as industrial projects in collaboration with companies in the Trentino area.