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Would you like to contribute to one of the sections of our MAGAZINE or to suggest a new “column”?

Claudio Ferlan is the editor in charge of the online newspaper and of FBK Magazine on which articles on different themes are published not periodically by FBK researchers and by other authors.

If you work at FBK, whatever your capacity, you can propose texts related to your research, support or technology transfer work.

If you are not part of FBK and are interested in our organization, you can propose your contributions as a “guest blogger” for one of the Magazine’s sections (Research, Stories and Trends and Future).

Publication of articles is free of charge. Proposals will be evaluated by the communications team, which will either accept or reject the content based on the rules followed by the Foundation, its bylaws and the values that inspire it.

In particular, it is not possible for us to publish articles that have direct references to politics or personal opinions on the subject because the Foundation is an apolitical and nonpartisan research institution.

For information:

FBK ‘s pledge to Guest bloggers

  • You are the exclusive holder of the moral rights and authorship of your articles
  • Personal Branding: your picture and your name, that will be linked to your personal profile, will appear on your article; you may set your profile up at your preference, based on the information that can be accessed also from the dedicated “authors” section, provided by the editors
  • FBK will release your contributions through bi-weekly newsletters and through their social media accounts


Your pledge in order to join FBK Magazine

  • Full autonomy: you may contribute to the Magazine on an occasional (not regular) and non-continued basis
  • License CC BY-SA 4.0: You agree to publish your article under the Creative Commons License “Attribution – Share Alike – International 4.0”
  • Confidentiality: all technical and administrative information or information that is obtained in the course of the collaboration must be considered in any case confidential



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