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About Us

The mission of the “Digital Communication and Big Events” Unit is to affirm and develop FBK’s image among the stakeholders at the local, national and international level through the integrated management of all communication levers.

Our goals:

  • To coordinate FBK’s communication strategies and the main levers on the basis of the guidelines of the Presidency and of the General Secretary
  • To manage internal and external relations concerning the communication areas with particular regard to those with the Trentino System
  • To manage fbk.eu, FBK Magazine, social networks and maintain FBK’s online reputation
  • Elaborating and disseminating internal and external communication, multimedia and digital contents necessary for the implementation of the communication plan
  • Plan and manage the major events promoted by the Foundation


Head of Unit


Events Manager
Digital Communication Officer
Press Office Manager
Digital Communication Officer
Audience Developer
Science Communicator

magazine.fbk.eu is an online journal registered in the Register of the Court of Trent and the Director is Prof. Marco Ventura

Magazine’s Contributors: Francesca Guerzoni, Marzia Lucianer, Silvia Rensi

Contributors 2017: Fabio Remondino, Fabio Menna, Andrea Chiappini, Osvaldo Costantini, Elisa Cecilli, Daniel Ricardo Dos Santos, Elena Not, Filippo Miserocchi, Lorenzo Gatti, Eleonora Mencarini, Marco Guerini, Giovanni Garberoglio, Isotta Landi, Gianluigi Casse, Jacopo Iannacci

Special thanks to Fernando Galdino Pedron and Alessandro Nicoletti.

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