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Claudio Ferlan

I took a degree in Law (1999) and in History (2003) and I completed my PhD in Early Modern History (2006) at the University of Trieste. I have held fellowships from Alpen-Adria Universität (Klagenfurt 2006), Karl-Franzens Universität (Graz 2007), Max Planck Institute for Legal History (Frankfurt am Main 2013) and I have been visiting Scholar at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (Paris 2016). Since 2008 (2011 full-time) I am researcher at the Bruno Kessler Foundation, Italian German Historical Institute. As adjunct professor, I teach a course in in History of Historiography at the University of Trent (2014 Atlantic History, 2015 Food History).

My broad areas of research are religious history in the early modern age, Jesuit studies and food history.

My current research explores the historical concept of Patchwork Religion as a spiritual experience characterized by the coexistence of elements from different traditions, religions, exoteric and spiritual movements. In this field of research, I am especially interested in history of food and food habits (ecclesiastical fast, table behaviors, beverages and drunkenness) as essential features of the negotiation between individuals and cultural models.

Related publications. Books: I gesuiti (2015); José de Acosta (2014); Dentro e fuori le aule (2012). Edited Books: Chi porta da mangiare? (with A. Villafiorita and P. Costa) (2013); Eusebio Francesco Chini e il suo tempo (2012). Journal Article: La Patchwork Religion in prospettiva storica. Wovoka e la Ghost Dance del 1890, “Annali di Studi Religiosi”, 16, 2015, 95-117

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