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Not just a name. The Legacy of Bruno Kessler

March 23, 2023

Radio FBK's new podcast presents the conversation among historians around the figure of Bruno Kessler, Trentino's ferryman from what it was until the early 1960s to what it has become over the next four decades.

The question “who was Bruno Kessler?” actually has an inaccuracy, if only in the verbal tense used, which should be conjugated in the present tense.“Who is Bruno Kessler?” Such shrewdness in the question depends on the fact that we are not talking only about a person, but about a mindset, a philosophy, even a revolution, as we want to read and interpret (actually in an objective way) Bruno Kessler as a ferryman of Trentino, intended as a socio-cultural area, from what it was until the early 1960s to what it has become in the following forty years.

The lapse of time is significant, but certainly more so was the change that Bruno Kessler brought about not only politically but also, and above all, culturally, and that transformed his work into a living and evident legacy for the Trentino community, and for the Foundation that bears his name.

Thanks to the contribution of researchers Maurizio Cau and Camilla Tenaglia, moderated and directed by historian Claudio Ferlan, this podcast explores assumptions, projects, and developments to learn about and remember the relevance of a “father” of today’s Trentino identity.


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