For a Human-Centered AI

Anna Gialdini

Anna Gialdini is a librarian at the Fondazione Bruno Kessler. She trained in Classical Literature at the University of Milan, in Archivistics and Paleography at the State Archives of Milan, and in Library Science at City University of London; in 2017 she obtained a doctorate in book history at the Ligatus Research Centre (University of the Arts London). She is the author of a monograph on so-called “Greek-style” bindings in the context of the cultural history of the Venetian Republic in the early modern age and of several scholarly articles on the history of bookbinding, the social history of the book professions, and more generally on archives and libraries between the Middle Ages and the modern age; she has also worked on “modern special collections” in contemporary librarianship and on experimental cataloguing projects in non-Latin alphabets. Before coming to FBK, she worked in Belgian, American and British libraries; she also participated in the organization of exhibitions and outreach events.