For a Human-Centered AI

Artificial intelligence, facts and dream, overcoming fears

December 16, 2019

Paolo Traverso a speaker at TEDxTrento 2019

Focus 2039 is the title of the seventh edition of TEDxTrento that was held on November 16, 2019 at the Teatro Sociale theater: where and how will you live? What will you be doing? How do you imagine the world around you? These were the questions that pronpted the presentations by highly inspirational guests. Among these, Paolo Traverso, director of the ICT@FBK research center for over 10 years, offered a projection into the near future focusing on innovative technologies and, in particular, on artificial intelligence.

For years, we humans have wondered about the possibility that technology will end up taking over, and not just when it comes to science fiction or dystopian films. Even Stephen Hawking did not hesitate to identify in human stupidity and artificial intelligence two of the greatest dangers for our species. Robots are machines, it is up to us to set social and ethical limits also through technology.


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