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Books from Bruno Kessler’s personal collection

July 1, 2022

The 535 volumes and pamphlets donated by the family to the FBK Library are now available for loan and study

An interesting set of volumes that belonged to Bruno Kessler’s personal collection is joining the FBK Library‘s special collections.

These are 535 volumes and brochures, donated to the Library by Lorenzo Kessler and his children, which can also become a useful research resource.  Some bear between the pages handwritten notes by Bruno Kessler, and many authors have included dedications on the books in their own handwriting, making it possible to reconstruct the network of relationships with Kessler.

The Library staff ordered and catalogued the volumes very quickly and now, depending on their state of conservation and their characteristics, they are available for loan.

“Some interesting items,” Matteo Fadini, coordinator of the FBK Library, explains “include the Italian edition of a book by German Chancellor Brandt, which he dedicated in pen to Kessler when he was in Riva del Garda; or the presence of a volume by Karl Gruber, who in passing through Trento left a copy dedicated to Bruno Kessler of one of his volumes. Also, within a volume of writings on Europe, we find handwritten notes by Kessler, preparatory to a closing rally for the June 1984 European election campaign. Not secondary is the presence of notable authors such as sociologist and urban planner Lewis Mumford or important historians such as Braudel, Bloch, Huizinga and many texts on Aldo Moro.”

The catalog of the collection can be viewed at this link:…

For more information:

Dedica del cancelliere tedesco Brandt a Bruno Kessler- Archivio FBK

German Chancellor Brandt’s dedication to Bruno Kessler

Dedica di Karl Gruber a Bruno Kessler - archivio FBK

Karl Gruber’s dedication to Bruno Kessler














Cited books:

– Brandt’s dedication from the book: Politica di pace in Europa , Willy Brandt – preface by Pietro Nenni
– Gruber’s dedication from the book: Ein politisches Leben. Österreichs Weg zwischen den Diktaturen , Karl Gruber
– Kessler’s notes from this book: La sfida europea  edited by Maurizio Mistri and Antonio Papisca

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