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Butti: “Foundations and AI, a combination to develop synergies”

March 15, 2024

On March 14, Undersecretary of State for the President of the Council of Ministers' Office Alessio Butti visited Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK) ahead of the G7 meeting dedicated to Artificial Intelligence to be held in Trento, Italy.

FBK, with its pioneering role in the development of Artificial Intelligence since the 1980s, has established itself as a key player in both national and European research. Strategic projects such as AgrifoodTEF, coordinated by the Foundation, attest to its contribution to the development of AI and robotics-based infrastructures and services, supporting the European agrifood sector.

Undersecretary Butti was welcomed by the Vice-President of the Autonomous Province of Trento Francesca Gerosa, who said, “Hosting the G7 summit on artificial intelligence is a source of pride and recognition for Trentino, which responds to the challenges of automation with a ‘system’ approach – bringing together FBK, FEM, universities and all partners in the research network – and with a ‘frontier’ outlook. Trentino must preserve its identity, and our Alpine territory must focus on innovation without ever forgetting tradition, ready to govern change, meeting the challenges of development with a focus on mountain areas. With an eye also on the development of AI in schools and in the world of education and training in general, which will have to be carefully guarded because if poorly used by the younger generations it could subject them to the risk of not having adequate knowledge to face the future.”

Councillor for Economic Development, Labor, Universities, and Research Achille Spinelli, added “Trentino was a pioneer in this field in days gone by, thanks to the experimentation on artificial intelligence carried out in the 1980s by the then Istituto Trentino di Cultura, now Fondazione Bruno Kessler. We are now giving breath to that insight, with a vast project activity promoted by our network of research and innovation of excellence, which has many concrete applications: from medicine of the future to sustainable agriculture and digital public services. Innovation that must at any rate keep people’s well-being at the center.”


During the meeting, which was attended by several Trentino-based organizations, Undersecretary Butti outlined his vision on technology innovation and digital transition, discussing ongoing projects in the area and meeting with representatives of several qualified local companies.

Afterwards, the delegation visited FBK’s Clean Room laboratories, a unique entity nationwide for its scientific and innovation capabilities dedicated to high-tech companies. Demonstrations of some of the latest AI technologies were also offered, including Electronic Identity Document verification using smartphones, and Virtual Reality applications in healthcare.

Undersecretary Butti was impressed by the innovations presented, expressing his support for technology development and innovation in Trentino and said, “Fondazione Bruno Kessler is an Italian organization of exceloence and works on technology and innovation issues that are very important to the Department of Digital Transformation, which I have the honor of leading.  Moreover, Trento, with its dynamic ecosystem and the presence of high-profile institutions such as FBK, shows that collaboration between academia, business and institutions can lead to significant progress in the field of digitalization.”

Speaking of the meeting, Fondazione Bruno Kessler’s Secretary General Andrea Simoni said, “We are delighted that Undersecretary Butti chose the Foundation for his fact-finding visit of research and business organizations on the occasion of this G7 meeting, which consolidates Trento’s importance in the Italian AI landscape. Thanks to our experience in Artificial Intelligence and digital transformation, we renew our willingness to be a partner for institutions and companies, as already is the case for example with organizations such as the Istituto Poligrafico della Zecca dello Stato, PagoPA and many others.”

The G7 meeting dedicated to Artificial Intelligence provides an important opportunity for discussion on crucial AI-related issues and to promote international cooperation in the field of technology innovation.

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