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June 20, 2020

The new organizational model of the Foundation is being launched. It focuses on scientific excellence, self-financing and innovation, with a special focus on strategic marketing. Cyber security, digital society, health and well-being, digital industry and sustainable energy are the focuses of the new centers.

Widening the horizon of internal responsibilities by increasing the integration of its lines and research and innovation activities; acquiring new managerial skills; increasing self-financing; strengthening its ability to attract and develop talent; starting generational and gender balance. These are the objectives of the new organizational and operational model that the Foundation has launched in the past few days, upon the directive of its Board of Administration.

With this in mind, Fondazione Bruno Kessler, well-established and recognized for the quality of its scientific research and for the ability to generate economic and social innovation, is launching today an international call to identify five directors for the new research centers.

“These centers represent one of the most apparent innovations of FBK’s organizational and operating model, originating from the desire for continuing improvement and a context of radical paradigm shift in the system of relations among man, the environment and technologies – said FBK President Francesco Profumo – The challenge associated with the new model entails as well a large investment in strategic vision skills, the consolidation of scientific skills, the strengthening of managerial skills, the growth of inclusion culture and diversity management”.

The call launched today aims to gather the expressions of interest of those who, men and women, believe they can play a role of scientific and managerial leadership, in a team game with high added value, in the new centers dedicated to:

●      “Cyber Security”; for the development of highly innovative IT security solutions capable of reducing threats and improving integration with people;

●      “Digital Society”; for the development and testing of integrated methodological and technological platforms for Smart Cities & Communities using ICT as a key transformation technology to improve the quality of life and social inclusion in smart regions and communities;

●      “Health & Wellbeing”; for the development and testing of ICT methodologies and technologies for personalized prevention and treatment in the healthcare industry;

●      “Digital Industry”; for the development of industrial ICT tools and platforms aimed at optimizing the work of human resources, productivity, efficiency of plants and highly automated work environments. Special attention will be paid to the design and production of innovative services that can leverage on Data Science’s skills to make production systems more efficient, autonomous, responsive, intelligent and flexible.

●      “Sustainable Energy” for the simulation, modeling and testing of renewable energy production, storage and distribution systems.

The centers, in close cooperation with each other, will independently implement the guidelines established by the Foundation’s strategic plan thanks to their financial endowment and the skills ensured by researchers, technologists, and technical staff, doctoral students and other affiliate profiles.

The profiles sought for directors must include international experience and advanced scientific and/or managerial qualifications, as well as a proven network of contacts in the communities of the domains of reference.

The expressions of interest, which will be screened by an evaluation committee appointed by the Foundation’s Board of Administration, must be received via our web page by July 31, 2020 in the form of:

–       cv attesting to the publications and/or any other research and innovation product, regardless of its name; the scientific and/or managerial experience gained; the network of contacts in the communities of concern

–       and a proposal in which the basic features and objectives of the new operating model (the Foundation’s 2018-2027 strategic plan; strict requirements of scientific excellence, self-financing and innovation competencies; rigorous national and international reputation and evaluation systems; a new managerial spirit; a renewed structure of strategic marketing and business development) will be outlined as the candidate sees them over a 3-year and a 6-year time-frame.

Please follow this link to find all the details and the full version of the call:



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