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June 12, 2017

From the forests of the Fiemme Valley come innovations, products and projects able to conquer international markets also in a sector - such as diamonds - very different from what mountains and forested woods conjure up in our minds when we think about them.

Press Release of APT Val di Fiemme / FBK of 6/8/2017

This is the topic at the heart of an open dialogue between the world of entrepreneurship, research, education and politics that will take place on June 13, starting at 5.30 pm at the Sala della Magnifica Comunità di Fiemme in Cavalese.

The greetings by the Chief Officer of the “Magnifica”, Giacomo Boninsegna, and the Mayor of Cavalese, Silvano Welponer, will be followed by the introductory talk by FBK President, Francesco Profumo on how investing in research, even locally, can prompt innovation and expansion outside the local area, creating products that can become real jewels at national and international level.

The public meeting will then host a case study on a virtuous local research-business collaboration, a patent designed to explore an unexpected raw material such as diamond, which is quickly affirming itself among the cases of excellence in “made In Fiemme ” innovation.

“Made in Italy” design and technology, diamond color speed reading with the parameters of the three major laboratories in the world. It is the EOS diamond colorimeter, the new tool created by Gemchrom, the Cavalese-based company that operates in the field of gemstone processing machinery in collaboration with the Research Center for Materials and Microsystems of Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Eoptis and Gemmarum, a local company.

The instrument, thanks to a large touch display, an innovative light source and a special mechanical centering unit, can simultaneously supply diamond color based on the standards set by the world’s top institutes for gemstone classification (GIA, IGI And HRD) and its fluorescence. “The product has been entirely conceived, designed and developed in Trentino and is a tangible proof of how internationally competitive products can be made without delocalization by combining the excellence existing in the local area,” say Valentino Proietti and Andrea Vaia, CEOs for Gemchrom and Gemmarum (marketing) respectively. “Our ten-year experience in the world of diamonds and colored stones has led us to intercept the needs of industry operators and to develop a project that has been successfully tested on top international markets such as Antwerp and Hong Kong. FBK has been a critical partner for the development of the colorimeter that today is the first tool entirely conceived and produced in Italy. ”

Finally, a round table moderated by journalist Stefano Voltolini will follow, that will focus on innovation and opportunities for young people in an exchange of views between Lorenzo Biasiori, Director of the “La Rosa Bianca” Education Institute, Giovanni Bort, Seac President, Giulia and Lorenzo Delladio, La Sportiva SpA, Mauro Gilmozzi, Councilor for Infrastructure and the Environment, Province Government of Trento, Alfredo Maglione, President of Eoptis and Optoi Group, Francesco Profumo, President of Fondazione Bruno Kessler.

Admission to the event is free of charge, and the event is open to the public although dedicated especially to young people who will have the chance to get an overview of the professional opportunities offered by the Valley of Fiemme. The conference has been organized, wanted and promoted by the Tourism Office, with the participation of the entrepreneurs of Fiemme Piace, the network of companies and freelance professionals based in Val di Fiemme, and FBK.


Event program

Institutional greetings:

Giacomo Boninsegna, Chief Officer of Magnifica Comunità di Fiemme

Silvano Welponer, Mayor of Cavalese

Introduction by:

Stefano Voltolini, Corriere del Trentino


Francesco Profumo (President, Fondazione Bruno Kessler)

Research and local areas: Research as an Open Innovation driver for Local Entrepreneurship

Valentino Proietti and Andrea Dezulian, Gemchrom

Daniele Covi, Eoptis

History of how an innovative idea is originated that widens the territorial portfolio: EOS, the diamond colorimeter created in Val di Fiemme.

Panel Discussion

Stefano Voltolini, Corriere del Trentino

Lorenzo Biasiori, Institute of Education “La Rosa Bianca”

Giovanni Bort, Seac President

Giulia Delladio, Strategic Marketing Coordinator, La Sportiva SpA

Lorenzo Delladio, President, La Sportiva Spa

Mauro Gilmozzi, Councilor for Infrastructure and the Environment, Autonomous Province of Trento Government

Alfredo Maglione, President, Eoptis and Optoi Group

Francesco Profumo, President, Fondazione Bruno Kessler