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Italy joins IPCEI with 12 companies and 2 research centers: ENEA and FBK

January 28, 2021

Green light from the EU for an investment of over 1 billion euros in the second Important Project of Common European Interest (IPCEI) on batteries. Below is the comment by Luigi Crema, director of the FBK-Sustainable Energy Research Center

The European Commission has given the green light to the second Important Project of Common European Interest (IPCEI) on batteries, which sees the partnership of Italy with Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Spain and Sweden.

The aim of the project is to create a sustainable and innovative value chain that will lead Europe to produce next-generation raw materials, cells, modules and battery systems and that will allow the reconversion and recycling of batteries with innovative and more efficient methods.

Italy is participating in this important project, on the initiative of Minister of Economic Development Stefano Patuanelli, with 12 companies (Endurance, Enel X, Engitec, FCA Italia, Fiamm, Fluorsid Alkeemia, FPT Industrial, Green Energy Storage, Italmatch Chemicals, Manz Italia, Midac, Solvay) and 2 research centers (ENEA and Fondazione Bruno Kessler), strengthening their innovative presence in the field of new generation batteries thanks to the investments planned through this major project: the provision of state aid for over 600 million, will produce a total investment of over 1 billion nationwide.

This new IPCEI will enable the creation of a fully integrated value chain in the EU capable of producing innovative materials, cells, modules and battery systems on a large scale, while also enabling the conversion, recycling and recovery of materials on an industrial scale consistently with the new circular economy models required by Brussels.

The project supports the ambitious goal set by the European Union which aims to radically transform its economic and industrial fabric, through a green and digital transition that will lead Europe to climate neutrality in 2050.

Here’s the comment by LUIGI CREMA, Director of the Sustainable Energy Research Center at FBK:
“FBK aims to provide support to the companies involved in the IPCEI EuBatInespecially through support actions on research, development and innovation. As a technology center, we will have the mission of accelerating the development of new technologies and collaborating with the production world in all-around joint development actions. Not only technology such as flow batteries but also technology and materials for future generation batteries. In the context of IPCEI EuBatIn, we have planned a series of collaborations with various industrial stakeholders and we aim to extend our support to companies beyond the borders of the project partnership. Our action will therefore be linked to new infrastructures and laboratories developed to enable collaboration with the specific industry sector”.

“The various industrial collaborations set out by FBK for IPCEI EuBatIn extend along the entire battery value chain: from innovative materials to storage systems. The project will make it possible to strengthen already active industrial collaborations, such as the one with Green Energy Storage, to activate new strategic collaborations at national and European level and to extend our support even outside the IPCEI project, especially in the logic of enhancing our skills and our infrastructures “. (Edoardo Gino Macchi, EuBatIn project manager for the FBK Sustainable Energy Center)

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