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Strike! Stories of Young People Changing Things

July 19, 2017

The Italian Agency for Family, Births and Youth Policies (APF) and the Demarchi Foundation in collaboration with Trentino Social Tank promote the second edition of the "Strike! - Stories of Young People Changing Things "

Who does Strike! target

Young people under 35 (born after January 1, 1982) resident, domiciled or born in Province of Trento or in neighboring provinces (Bolzano, Verona, Vicenza, Belluno, Sondrio, Brescia)

Strike!’s goal

“Strike!” It is a project that seeks and promotes stories of young people who can be examples and reference, close to and accessible to other kids in our area. It will collect the stories of young people who, through what they have accomplished, and the steps they have taken, can inspire, contaminate and motivate other young people to imagine, design and engage in the pursuit of their future.

Story scope

The stories collected have no scope limitations: they can range from enterprise to personal autonomy, from culture to volunteering, from sport to politics and to the protection of the environment. The main requirement is for stories to have come to a first tangible goal/target.

How to participate

Fill out the form at

Record your story in a video (5 minutes maximum) and upload the video to youtube

Print and sign the “participation request” you will obtain once the form is completed

Send the link to the video and the participation request at [email protected]


The call is open from June 9 to July 31, 2017

Selection process
The 10 stories that will be considered more engaging and stimulating for other young people and for the community as a whole will be selected by a jury and presented to the public on November 18.


The ten selected stories will also be admitted to a workshop on storytelling techniques, which will be held between October and November, and included in a Green Trend publication.


Useful links

E-mail: [email protected]
Facebook page: strikestoriestrentino

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