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Giovanna Paladino

Giovanna Paladino is the Head of the President’s Technical Secretary’s Office at IntesaSanpaolo and the Director/Curator of the Savings Museum, a financial education laboratory located in Turin. She has been a young economist at the IMF, Jean Monnet fellow at the European University Institute and has taught “Economics of Monetary and Financial Markets” at LUISS University for about 10 years. She completed her postgraduate studies at the “Graduate Institute of International Studies” in Geneva and at Brown University in the U.S. She regularly publishes scholarly articles in peer-reviewed journals on topics related to commodity markets, international economics, corporate finance and more recently financial education. Her most recent research interest is in the impact of digitization and financial literacy on savings and investment behavior and the role of financial socialization in households.

Spotlight's articles

  • May 18, 2023
    Does financial literacy start at home?
    Giovanna Paladino addresses the topic of financial literacy by trying to understand whether money management models are part of parental educational content and how these are transferred generationally and are appropriated by children.