For a Human-Centered AI

Massimo Buscema

Director of Semeion (Research Center of Sciences of Communicaion, Rome, Italy) and Full Professor Adjoint at the Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, University of Colorado (Denver, USA). He does research in Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Neural Network. His current projects are 1. EEG in autism diagnosis (I FAST Algorithm). 2. Geographic Profiling (TWC Algorithm). 3. Theory of Impossible World (ANNs working with many data sets simultaneously, not linked each others). 4. Deep Learning and Real Deep Learning using an eco system of different ANNs cooperating into a set of Meta Nets. 5. Data Matrix Theory: a algebraic theory of non linear operators using adaptive algorithms (ANNs and Evolutionary Systems).


Spotlight's articles

  • October 17, 2018
    In praise of imperfection
    IRVAPP seminar with prof. Massimo Buscema, expert in Artificial Intelligence and deep learning faced with a perspective that is "different from the mainstream"