For a Human-Centered AI

Maurizio Teli

Associate Professor of Techno-Anthropology at the Aalborg University, Denmark. He holds a PhD in Sociology and Social Research and has always worked in interdisciplinary contexts focusing on the political dimensions of the production and use of digital technologies. He has worked in or coordinated a few EU funded projects. He is now focusing on the design of politically-engaged digital technologies, in particular as Research and Innovation Coordinator of the PIE News H2020 project.

Spotlight's articles

  • October 29, 2018
    Commonfare: an Approach to Welfare for the 21st Century?
    "Rethinking the economy of digital platforms in social innovation": a Conversation with Maurizio Teli, Reserch & Innovation coordinator of, recently invited by Eit Digital for an Innovation Talk about the co-op platform and paradigm