For a Human-Centered AI


  • January 16, 2024
    AgrifoodTEF: the first field tests
    One year after its launch, the European project coordinated by FBK is working for companies wishing to validate their innovative solutions under real-life conditions of use.
  • June 27, 2023
    Europe launches four large-scale AI test facilities
    The 220m€ investment provides permanent capacity to deliver responsible AI in Europe by testing AI solutions in practice before they hit the market and become a part of healthcare, manufacturing, agrifood and everyday life. One of those is the agrifoodTEF initiative: coordinated by Raffaele Giaffreda (FBK), it deals with the agricultural sector and food production.
  • January 31, 2023
    With a total budget of 60 million euros and a time horizon of 5 years, AgrifoodTEF aims to develop testing and experimentation infrastructure to facilitate the adoption of services and products based on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in the European agrifood sector. The project’s kick-off will take place in Trento on February 1 and 2, hosted by Fondazione Bruno Kessler, the project’s coordinator.
  • May 26, 2020
    Raffaele Giaffreda (FBK) interviewed to identify core challenges related to water scarcity
    SAPIENCE project leader Raffaele Giaffreda (FBK) interviewed, within an EIT Cross KIC initiative, to identify core challenges related to water scarcity in Southern Europe