For a Human-Centered AI


  • June 27, 2018
    Will social media managers be replaced by Artificial Intelligence?
    For some time now, we have been hearing that Artificial Intelligence will replace most human jobs. However, talking to a hi-tech marketing guru like Guy Kawasaki (former Apple chief evangelist), we had the impression that this was not necessarily the case
  • December 19, 2016
    RF-MEMS technology for 5G applications at CMM-FBK
    The upcoming 5G mobile standards will pose challenging demands on hardware components, requiring very boosted performances in terms of high-frequency and wideband operability, low-losses, high-linearity, and so on. The RF-MEMS technology developed at the MST unit of CMM-FBK was recently demonstrated up to 110 GHz, and is a promising candidate to meet the 5G challenges.