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Digital, agri-food, manufacturing: a possible synergy

June 18, 2020

Digital, agri-food, manufacturing: a possible synergy Hub Innovazione Trentino and Fondazione Bruno Kessler win the European cross-sector project "Cross KIC"

HIT and FBK have joined the Cross-KIC project entitled “X-KIC project: End-to-end digitalized production test beds”, i.e. a new form of cross-sector collaboration between the EIT Digital European Communities for Knowledge and Innovation, EIT Food and EIT Manufacturing, aimed at creating industrial demonstrators that allow to promote the digitalization of manufacturing companies in the agri-food industry.

A total of 14 European partners are participating in the initiative, including Hub Innovazione Trentino and Fondazione Bruno Kessler, selected through a competitive call to participate in the phase that will focus in particular on involving companies in the agri-food industry to promote the culture of digital technologies and industry 4.0, as well as defining the operational structure where to place the demonstrators. Following the preliminary co-planning activity, a further call will be opened for research centers, agri-food and other companies and public-private partnerships to participate in the implementation of demonstrators that will offer digitalization consultancy and development services.

Participation in this process could therefore open up new future opportunities to expand existing initiatives but also to create new ones, strengthening technology transfer to the agri-food sector in Trentino.

The project is funded by three major European partnerships initiated by the EIT, the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, which deal with innovation and technology transfer and whose members include universities, research organizations, companies, innovation agencies and public sector entities. EIT is an entity created by the European Union in 2008 to strengthen Europe’s innovation capacity..