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FBK celebrates its international young talent

February 26, 2019

Povo hosted the PhD Day, the annual meeting of Fondazione Bruno Kessler's doctoral students community

For the third consecutive year, the Ph.D. Day, an event that Fondazione Bruno Kessler dedicates to students of its doctoral program, organized in collaboration with an international university network, was held at Povo.

The Ph.D. students who have chosen to carry out their advanced academic training at Fondazione Bruno Kessler are 133 and have come to Trento from 22 universities in 23 countries around the world: India, China, Iran, Pakistan, Egypt, Mexico, Chile, Armenia, Ethiopia, Fiji Viti, Turkey, Azerbaijan, to name a few.


Federico Pederzolli, 2019 Best Student

Federico Pederzolli, 2019 Best Student

The PhD Day was once again the opportunity to meet many of them, especially the third, fourth and last year Ph.D. students, who presented their work and research to the FBK community.

After the introductory greetings of the Head of the FBK International Ph.D. Program, Bernardo Magnini, and of Fondazione Bruno Kessler President, Francesco Profumo, the day started with the keynote speech by Stephan Haringher, CEO and funder of Scientific-solutions, former FBK PhD student and Research & Development manager of several projects in the semiconductor industry.

In the late morning, the Ph.D. students who will finish their Ph.D. program in spring gave short presentations on their work while third and fourth year students were protagonists of the poster session. The morning ended with the prize-giving of the 2018 best doctoral student, best poster of the day and with the awarding of certificates of excellence to students who have distinguished themselves.

This year’s Best Student Award went to Federico Pederzolli, currently a researcher at FBK – CREATE-NET, awarded for his doctoral thesis discussed in 2018 entitled “Resource allocation and modeling in spectrally and spatially flexible optical transport networks”. The best poster award of the 2019 PhD Day went to Sudipan Saha, who presented his work on Multitemporal Image Analysis using deep learning.

Excellence Certificatees were awarded to Luca Gatti, Simone Ghio, Didem Gundogdu, Ahmed Iran, Eleonora Mencarini, Stefano Menini, Andrea Pedrielli, Giulio Petrucci, Manuele Rusci, Francesco Segata, Rachele Sprugnoli, Federico Pederzolli.


Sudipan Saha, 2019 Best Poster Award

Sudipan Saha, 2019 Best Poster Award

“In addition to generating scholarship and knowledge that are able to emerge from the confined boundaries of the research world and have a positive impact on the local area and on the lives of people, the Foundation aims to be increasingly competitive at the international level and to measure up against world class excellence – commented Fondazione Bruno Kessler President Francesco Profumo –. The talented young students of our doctoral program, who have come from all over the world to Trento, are the tangible sign of how we have managed to be open to the world and become attractive in recent years. We believe we need to keep working in this direction and I am sure we can achieve important results, both due to the excellent level of research that can be done in the Foundation, and the high quality of life and the enviable conditions that Trentino can offer to researchers”.

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