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Francesco Profumo

Ordinary Professor of Electrical Machines and Drives at the Politecnico of Torino (dean from 2005 to 2011) and professor at the University of Bologna. He has done his didactic and research activities at several universities in the world: Argentina, China, Hungary, Albania, Romania, Latvia, USA, Japan, Czech Republic and received 10 Honoris Causes Degrees. Among the many institutional assignments he has been Chairman of the National Research Council and from November 2011 to April 2013 he held the position of Minister of Education, University and Research during the Monti Government. He currently chairs the Society of St. Paul, the Bruno Kessler Foundation (Trento), the ESCP Business School in Turin, the Collège des Ingégenieurs – Campus of Turin and Inwit SpA.


Spotlight's articles

  • President Profumo presented the new strategic and business plans, dedicated to Artificial Intelligence. A tight 2018 calendar of events, starting with the sixth Bruno Kessler Lecture with Piero Angela
    December 20, 2017
  • The meeting "Artificial Intelligence and Us" hosted at Fondazione Corriere della Sera on November 6, has pointed out that man and machine are not antagonists and that a 'peaceful' existence in the era of artificial intelligence may be possible. As long as it we invest in young people and their training.
    November 21, 2017
  • On November 6, the historic offices of the Corriere della Sera newspaper of Via Solferino in Milan, will be hosting a meeting on "Artificial Intelligence and Us", an event that offers a picture of the latest applications and current developments, outlining future horizons.
    October 31, 2017
  • La tre giorni per scoprire le nuove tecnologie al servizio di chi ne ha più bisogno si apre con l'intervento del Presidente FBK Francesco Profumo che discuterà sul tema del digitale a servizio dei cittadini e delle comunità. Cyberbullismo e fake news, prevenzione delle calamità naturali, domotica, soluzioni tecnologiche per i disabili, progetti di cooperazione internazionale al centro di laboratori, workshop e incontri con esperti nazionali e internazionali.
    October 2, 2017
  • Lectio magistralis by the President of Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Francesco Profumo, for the students of the professional training center Centro formazione professionale Giuseppe Veronesi of Rovereto
    May 22, 2017
  • How will the new digital school be? How revolutionary and disruptive will this historic transition be for the school system? Are professors, teachers, and families and students alike - digital natives, reality or myth that we tell ourselves? - prepared to deal with the new challenges of a revolution that not only affects the tools, but requires a new cultural, pedagogical, social perspective?
    April 8, 2017
  • Which school will come from digital technology? The shared reflection of Educa starts from #scuoladigitaletrentina and expands to the entire national system.
    April 6, 2017