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Internship trip note by Kaznu students

July 2, 2018

Rysbek Togzhan and Dauletbekkyzy Dinara share their experience in FBK Center for Religious Studies

“KazNU is the leading university, the largest educational and scientific center in Kazakhstan. Many will confirm that by studying at KazNU each student receives a large amount of knowledge and experience. The University provides many opportunities for self-realization and the emergence of both a person and a professional. One of such opportunities is foreign internship. Studying in the magistracy has a real chance to go abroad and get an irreplaceable experience. As a graduate on “Religious Studies”, I received a chance to pass a foreign internship in FBK Center for Religious Studies from June 22 to July 1, 2018. The foundation was given the opportunity to freely use the library, explore the topics of interest, and exchange ideas with the center’s researchers. They also listened to lectures by such professors as Sara Hejazi, Paolo Costa, Debora Tonelli and Valeria Fabretti. Once again we were convinced that KazNU really follows its chosen path of successive promotion into the world educational system, implementing the transition to international standards of training specialists. Thus, studying at the KazNU gives a real chance to gain invaluable experience and realize its potential, contributing simultaneously to the development of both the university and our country as a whole.” Rysbek Togzhan

I am a undergraduate student of the KazNU specializing in religious studies. Staying in Trento left in my memory an indelible impression. Especially I was amazed by the atmosphere of friendliness, which seemed to come from every Italian. Beautiful nature, warm climate, majestic mountains, everything made me feel in comfort and tranquillity. Originally, my dream was to visit Italy, namely in Venice and in the town of Trento. With the help of my predecessors and with the help of KazNU, my dream was realized, we were invited, our request was accepted.
We visited the FBK’s group of scholars at Center for Religious Studies and it was a real pleasure. In the research group we were welcomed by the research associate Sara Hejazi and all the other researchers of the team, which gave us great lectures on interesting and global topics like “Religion and Innovation”. There were questions from our side for the researchers about our research dissertations and we received satisfactory answers. FBK is not a teaching institution, but it is meant to explore the main research questions about religions today and undertakes many other directions. Thanks to our university for giving us the opportunity to work on this visiting fellowship, gain experience and see the temples, holy places, sights of other countries. And a special thanks for the hospitality and cooperation to the FBK Center for Religious Studies.” Dauletbekkyzy Dinara

INFO: Vittorio Guarnieri, FBK research liaison officer.

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