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Meeting the Volcano

February 9, 2023

The Magazine is walking the path through new proposals, capable of pushing us outside the boundaries of Fondazione Bruno Kessler. We all know how fruitful external collaborations are, nurtured daily through comparisons, advice, division of work, and so on. But there can be more.

Our commitment to communicating science has led us to consider a few different ideas, and we decided to make one of them concrete by turning to a group of skilled young people with a genuine passion for research.

Thus, we decided to entrust the students who make up the editorial board of the journal of the University of Milan with a fortnightly column, in which they propose a young and wise point of view on the world of research. The title of the column is “Vulcano Statale”, like their journal (you can read it here).

We have given ourselves some time, not too long but adequate, to get to know each other better before presenting the initiative with an editorial. This time allowed us to start the collaboration with three articles: the first was written by Daniele Di Bella to tell us about some characteristics of Antarctica, an environment in which it is possible to come into contact with unexpected scenarios, unknown organisms and unpredictable dynamics. Erica Ravarelli, then, informed us about analytical methods and machine learning used in the fight against mafia organizations, both at the legislative and investigative levels. Laura Colombi shared some reflections based on her studies on interlinguistics, on the languages that continually renew themselves by borrowing words and expressions from other cultural spheres.

We are looking forward to the next steps together. We can follow them by typing the hashtag #Vulcano on the pages of the FBK Magazine.

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