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New Amazon award for FBK in the field of machine learning

July 10, 2020

For the second consecutive year, researchers from Fondazione Bruno Kessler win the coveted Amazon prize with research dedicated to "action recognition"

The study awarded by Amazon focused on an algorithm for the learning of movements for video recognition purposes.

The AWS Machine Learning Research Awards (MLRA) came in July 2020 and aims to advance the machine learning industry by funding innovative research and open source projects, training students and providing researchers with access to the latest technologies.

The research was conducted by Oswald Lanz, with the TeV   (vision technologies) research unit, obtaining an award that will allow access to a series of services made available by Amazon for scientific purposes.

The research also allowed access to an important collaboration with the NVIDIA AI Technology Center (NVAITC Italy), through the CINI consortium   of which FBK is a member, and which will lead to the optimization of the code developed so far, or it may also become available for industrial applications thanks to the engineering support offered by the team of the leader in visual computing.

“We are currently doing research – Lanz explained – but we hope that our results will lead to the creation of useful applications in various sectors, including industry 4.0, through, for example, machines capable of recognizing movements of humans and of supporting the activities of the operators with whom they interact.”

Lanz, together with Swathikiran Sudhakaran and Sergio Escalera (Computer Vision Center, Universitat de Barcelona) is also among the winners (3rd place) of theinternational contest entitled EPIC-Kitchens Challenges @ CVPR2020, Virtual CVPR, conference on computer vision.

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