For a Human-Centered AI

First meeting of the new Advisory Board

June 4, 2024

Enterprises, start-ups, Europe, universities and research,health care, manufacturing and AI for industry, fintech, agritech and the local area were the topics at the center of the discussion

First meeting today at the Povo (Trento) site for Fondazione Bruno Kessler‘s new Advisory Board, the body that expresses opinions and proposals in relation to the directions of the Foundation’s scientific activity to the President and the Board of Directors.
The new Advisory Board consists of Francesca Pasinelli, managing director at Telethon Foundation and chair of the FBK Advisory Board; Vittorio Colao, former minister for technology innovation and digital transition in the Draghi government; Franco Locatelli, president of the Italian National Institute of Health; Matteo Lunelli, managing director at Lunelli Group and chairman and CEO at Ferrari Trento; Antonio Marcegaglia, Chairman & CEO at Marcegaglia Steel; Alessandra Perrazzelli, Bank of Italy deputy director general; and  Donatella Sciuto, President of the Milan Polytechnic.

Welcomed by FBK President Ferruccio Resta and Secretary General Andrea Simoni, the Board members visited the Foundation’s Clean Room and attended presentations of advanced artificial intelligence technologies in a wide variety of application fields ranging from digital identity applied to document authenticity verification, improving sports performance through the use of advanced vision technologies, and optimizing fruit harvesting in the agrifood sector.

President Ferruccio Resta and FBK Secretary General Simoni also presented to Board members the progress of the Strategic Plan and in particular the development of future synergies with enterprises and actions focusing on strengthening technology transfer.

The 2024-2027 Strategic Plan represents more than just a roadmap for the Foundation.  It is the concrete translation of a commitment shared with all of the Foundation’s stakeholders: institutions, businesses, employees and collaborators. – President Resta commented – The role of the new Advisory Board is strategic to this end as it brings together very high-profile personalities with interests and a strategic vision perfectly in line with FBK’s positioning: businesses, start-ups and Europe; the world of fintech and banking; universities and research; healthcare and life science; manufacturing and AI for industry; agritech and local communities. Faced with the great opportunity we have today, at a time of big transformations, the role of scientific research and FBK’s renewed structure aim to strengthen relations with the world of institutions and business in the key sectors of energy, infrastructure, ICT, urban regeneration and insurance-banking, with particular attention to the manufacturing and agribusiness sectors.”

The newly appointed Chair of the Advisory Board Francesca Pasinelli also commented, “The first meeting of the Advisory Board was very useful to take a closer look at the Foundation’s activities. The excellence expressed by FBK in all areas of application within its competence is an excellent basis for the achievement of the objectives of the 2024-2027 term. We take on, with involvement and enthusiasm the commitment to assist the President and the Board of Directors in building strategies that will enable FBK to achieve maximum impact with economic and social spillovers that benefit all.”

Also Francesco Profumo, Fondazione Bruno Kessler’s Past President, participated in the work of the first Advisory Board’s meeting, which was held after a visit to the laboratories and demos on the technologies developed.

The composition of the governing body of the Foundation’s scientific activity had been announced earlier this year by FBK President Ferruccio Resta, during the events dedicated to the presentation of the 2024-2027 Strategic Plan, and had become official with the appointments of the Board of Directors in February.


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