For a Human-Centered AI

President Ferruccio Resta presented a preview of the 2024-2027 office term plan in Trento.

January 25, 2024

Concrete and measurable goals redefine Fondazione Bruno Kessler's new mission and a new organization to achieve them more effectively.

A 50 percent growth in strategic agreements with national companies and a 30 percent growth in patents and startups through the development of innovative technologies and artificial intelligence, the only tools for dealing with change, now a daily hallmark of our time: these are two of the goals that Fondazione Bruno Kessler – a multidisciplinary research institution at the forefront of Artificial Intelligence, biomedical research, space exploration, digital industry, environment and quantum applications – intends to pursue over the next three years, as set out in its office term plan, a document that redefines the Foundation’s purpose and mission, presented today by President Ferruccio Resta in Trento.

The Depero Room at the Province Government Hall hosted also speeches by president of the Autonomous Province of Trento Maurizio Fugatti, Trento mayor Franco Ianeselli, Autonomous Province of Trento Council president Claudio Soini, Confindustria Trento president Fausto Manzana, Federazione Trentina della Cooperazione president Roberto Simoni, and Autonomous Province of Trento councillor for economic development, labor, university, and research Achille Spinelli.

“In a context marked by phenomena such as climate change, the aging of the European population, digitalization, international instability and youth mobility,” Ferruccio Resta explained, “the pledge that Fondazione Bruno Kessler is publicly making today is to ensure quality, interdisciplinary, international research capable of renewing existing technologies and models and offering new solutions.  We intend to face the era of Artificial Intelligence with quality, wisdom and scientific robustness, helping society to govern its impacts.”

Fondazione Bruno Kessler’s 2024-2027 Office Term Plan – in the words of Autonomous Province of Trento president Maurizio Fugatti – is a key step for the development of Trentino, as well as of FBK, which is a strategic resource of our Autonomy. An organization that is essential in order for our region to play a leading role in the new frontiers of scientific and technological evolution and artificial intelligence, accompanying them with constant attention to the human factor. The challenge is to build, through the research and innovation system as well, an increasingly competitive area, attractive to talents, ideas and investments, capable of creating value. Because Autonomy lives on openness and the future, just as Bruno Kessler used to say, stimulating Trentino to look beyond in order not to remain ‘small and alone.'” 

“Today,” Councillor for Economic Development, Labor, Universities and Research Achille Spinelli stressed “Fondazione Bruno Kessler is thinking about the future and giving us a preview of what its roadmap will be, the ways in which it intends to address the challenges ahead and the excellence of the skills it will provide.  FBK represents a pillar of the Trentino system of research and innovation thanks to its strong multidisciplinary research competencies in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, biomedical research, space exploration, digital industry, environment and quantum applications. FBK is the Province’s operational arm in our local area, a reference point for the world of research, but not only.  The sectors in which FBK operates are many thanks to the many actors involved – researchers, technical staff and PhD students, laboratories, scientific and business partners – and their expertise makes the impact of scientific research tangible within society. We look to the future with confidence and determination. Together with FBK, we are ready to face the challenges ahead, backed by experience, expertise and passion for scientific excellence, to look toward a better future through research and innovation.”

For the next few years, the Foundation has set tangible and measurable goals that will monitor its progress towards its commitments, and has been strengthened by a new organization that brings together its 12 research centers in the areas of AI for Health, AI for Industry, AI for Society and Sensors for AI. Specifically, it intends to launch an elaborate program to attract and grow young researchers through a Talent Development and Professional Empowerment program (+50% active agreements with universities and +20% PhDs contributing to Foundation’s projects) and to strengthen synergy with local and national businesses and communities (3 new joint labs with companies and 4 new digital platforms in collaboration with public administration, as well as +50% strategic agreements with national companies and +30% patents and startups).”

Already heavily involved in numerous EC-funded projects and leading IPCEI – Important Projects of Common European Interest – platforms, it aims to play a leading role in some of the Commission’s major programs, such as the Chips Act, EDIC projects, Green Deal, REPowerEU, by increasing applications to European projects (+5%), grants from funded projects (+10%) and participating in at least 2 projects of strategic importance to the European Commission.

Already active on 14 programs under PNRR Mission 4.2 on topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Science & Technology and Emerging Infectious Diseases, the Foundation plans to acquire new projects (+10%).

“It is difficult to make a reflection on Artificial Intelligence that will give new visions and content,” stresses Bruno Kessler Foundation President Ferruccio Resta, “but we are sure about one thing: we must avoid the mistakes made at the time the Internet started and be ready.   In fact, thanks to Artificial Intelligence, in the coming years we will see a development of business, new companies and professions as rapid as that one: Fondazione Bruno Kessler, for the skills, knowledge, critical mass and specializations it has, is fully equipped to meet the challenge. The production of a human-centered AI will be our way”.

During the event, President Resta also announced the members of Fondazione Bruno Kessler‘s new Scientific Committee: National Institute of Health president Franco Locatelli, Fondazione Telethon CEO Francesca Pasinelli, Marcegaglia Steel Chairman & CEO Antonio Marcegaglia, Politecnico di Milano Chancellor Donatella Sciuto, Lunelli Group CEO and Ferrari Trento President & CEO Matteo Lunelli, former Minister for Technological Innovation and Digital Transition in the Draghi government Vittorio Colao, Deputy Director General of the Bank of Italy Alessandra Perrazzelli.

The event included the screening of a video contribution from FBK researchers: Rossana Dell’Anna, MNF-MCLab R&D coordinator, FBK Sensors & Devices; Silvia Gabrielli, scientific outreach manager of the Digital Health & Wellbeing Center; and Andrea Micheli, head of the Planning, Scheduling and Optimization Unit of the Digital Industry Center.

The Office Term Plan will also be presented by FBK President Ferruccio Resta on 01/26/2024, in Milan, at the Italian Stock Exchange.

The event will be attended by the Minister of Economy and Finance, Giancarlo Giorgetti, the president of the Italian Stock Exchange, Claudia Parzani, the president of the Autonomous Province of Trento, Maurizio Fugatti, and the president of the Lombardy Region, Attilio Fontana.   The presentation will feature as speakers: director general for digital policies of the European Commission Roberto Viola, Telecommunications Market Microsoft vice president Silvia Candiani, Dompé farmaceutici president and CEO Sergio Dompé, Gruppo FS Chief Technology, Innovation & Digital Officer Roberto Tundo, Pirelli executive vice president Marco Tronchetti Provera, Lombardy Region Councillor for Health Guido Bertolaso, Portolano Cavallo law firm partner Lydia Mendola, Fondazione Cassa Depositi e Prestiti general manager Francesca Sofia, and Autonomous Province of Trento Councillor for Research Achille Spinelli.


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