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School-to-work programs are easier with EDIT

June 9, 2021

FBK, in collaboration with the Department of Education and Culture of the Autonomous Province of Trento, offers EDIT (Esperienze Didattiche Insieme al Territorio, Teaching Experiences together with Local Communities), a platform based on the concepts of synergy, support and enhancement of skills

The IT platform, due to its inclusive philosophy, was designed through a co-design process.

This people-centered project aims to promote discussion on the criticalities existing in the program’s processes, to understand the needs of each actor involved and to identify the best practices that make internships increasingly meaningful and intuitive.

It has developed a portal for schools (EDIT-School), a portal for institutions (EDIT-Entity), and a responsive web app (that can be used on smartphones) dedicated to students (EDIT-Student).

The process involved co-design working groups, with the support of 5 institutions and 4 high schools that involved more than 50 people including teachers, students and company representatives for the School-to-work programs.

EDIT is currently used by 10 high schools in the Trentino area, involving over 2600 students and about 70 teachers. About 8600 experiences were activated with EDIT in the school year 2020-2021.

To the question “Why should I use EDIT?” one could answer by looking at the three modules of the platform developed thinking precisely of the actors mainly involved.

Students: Because a smartphone application from which to manage my activities in real time is necessary.

Schools: Because it allows us to coordinate, from start to finish, the School-to-work program experiences in a linear and orderly way.

Institutions: Because creating opportunities, managing activities and finding trainees has to be an easy and intuitive process.

These are the words of Silvia Valentini, Project Manager: “EDIT is one of the digital transformation projects that the Digital Society Center is working on to simplify and optimize public administration processes, and therefore to improve the quality and efficiency of the services provided to citizens. In particular, EDIT enables the various actors involved in the school-to-work program process, i.e. students, schools and institutions in our region, to connect with each other.”

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