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“Science at 6 o’clock” starts with a sprint

March 22, 2018

The MUSE Café hosted the first event, dedicated to glyphosate, of the series of science happy hours. The event was attended by over seventy people

The cycle of science happy hours entitled “Science at 6 o’clock” hosted by the MUSE cafeteria, featuring researchers from the University of Trento, the Mach Foundation, the Kessler Foundation and the Muse, coordinated by the Autonomous Province of Trento, started off with a big audience success. The first meeting, on March 21, was dedicated to the topic of glyphosate in agriculture, with the participation of Emanuela Bozzini from the University of Trento and Ilaria Pertot (Mach Foundation and University of Trento). The discussion focused on the real danger of glyphosate, which has been declared “potentially carcinogenic” by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), but not by the regulatory agencies of the European Union, USA and other countries.

Thanks also to the highly topical issue, the event attracted over seventy people who crowded the tables of the cafeteria. The informal atmosphere of the event, favored by refreshments offered to all the participants, allowed for a relaxed and constructive debate, in which the public had the opportunity to exchange views with the two researchers.

The cycle of events, organized by the four post-doc researchers winners of the Autonomous Province of Trento “The STAR communicators of science” call, will continue next Wednesday, March 28 at 6 with the second event, “Grasshoppers for dinner?”, dedicated to the arrival of the insects in our diet (participating researchers are Omar Rota Stabelli with the Mach Foundation and Gianfranco Anfora with the University of Trento and the Mach Foundation). On April 11, the focus will shift to sustainable mobility, with Annapaola Marconi from Foundazione Bruno Kessler and David Tombolato from MUSE.

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