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The first experiment in Italy of networked Clean Rooms has been started

May 30, 2018

"It-Fab" is here: a consortium of research INFRASTRUCTURES in the micro and nanotechnology field connected to the EuroNanoLab project, which will significantly increase the chances of accessing projects on a European scale. FBK is part of it together with CNR and PoliMi

On Friday, May 25, 2018 the “It-Fab” workshop took place at FBK. The meeting closes the series of events that took place in December in Bologna, at CNR-IMM, followed by the workshop at the PoliFab in Milan in February, during which the three partners became acquainted and visited the respective facilities.

The workshop opened with the acceptance of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) regarding the launching of a consortium – It-Fab – consisting of the three institutions present, and whose aim is to experiment a collaboration between facilities in the KET and QT fields.

The collaboration will lead to two main results/advantages:

  • Internally: the partners are committed to collaborating with a view to complementarity, providing mutual facilities, R&D competencies and techniques;
  • For other organizations: proposing itself as a unique “virtual” Italian infrastructure, in view of the European research infrastructures in the ESFRI field, significantly increasing the respective attractiveness to contribute to research projects and collaborations with companies.

Among the first objectives:

  • share a common access policy;
  • experience mutual openness to staff and PhDs;
  • organize schools jointly.

Being a consortium will certainly help increase opportunities for dialogue and participation in projects and working groups at the Italian (MIUR, MISE) and European level.

One more chance of internationalization for the Trentino research system and a new ally for innovative companies in Italy.

People involved in the action:

  • Lorenza Ferrario and Vittorio Guarnieri – participation in the preliminary meetings for the start of the experimentation and the definition of the MoU, workshop organization, experimentation management;
  • Gianluigi Casse, director of FBK’s Center for Materials and Microsystems – MoU signing;

The initiative has been endorsed by the Secretary-General (Andrea Simoni).

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