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The software that monitors customers’ choices at the supermarket: signed a negotiation agreement with Spindox Labs

October 12, 2017

The "Spin Retail" Project is being conducted in collaboration with the TeV and E3DA Units at Fondazione Bruno Kessler

What is the user-consumer behavior like in a retail store and in an outlet? The hardware and software systems that Spindox Labs srl are developing will tell. The company, part of the Spindox Group , is active in the ICT sector (30 million euros in business volume in 2016 and about 450 employees spread over six operating locations in Italy, including one in Trento and three others abroad) and will be collaborating in Trentino in a research project that has obtained a contribution of about € 760,000 (on a planned and admissible expenditure of € 1,241,000) from the Autonomous province of Trento. The agreement was signed at the Department of Economic Delevopment and Labor by the Vice-president of the Provincial Government and councilor for economic development Alessandro Olivi, Spindox Labs srl’s sole director and Fiom, Fim and Uilm trade union representatives.

Spindox Labs srl, established in August of last year, will develop synergies with other local businesses, Fondazione Bruno Kessler and the University of Trento. In particular, the “Spin Retail” research project, on which the agreement was signed, aims to address the most common issues connected with the management of retail stores, such as the prevention of thefts, monitoring and analysis of customer behavior, using ad hoc sensors positioned on shelves and carts. The agreement also provides for an employment growth of at least 20 working units, from the current 2, by the end of 2021, and a commitment to maintain that level at least until 2024, to train young people, and to establish an agreement on staff selection with the Employment Agency. “The agreement – Olivi said – helps to strengthen the ties between research and local businesses.”

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