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Trends & Digital Identity

July 12, 2023

Video interviews of SACMAT and TDI's local scientific committee, the director and researchers of FBK's Center for Cybersecurity.

It was finally held in presence the 28th edition of ACM Symposium on Access Control Models and Technologies (SACMAT), which gathered around 50 participants at the Fondazione Bruno Kessler venue in Trento from 7th to 9th June 2023. It is the premier forum for the presentation of research results and experience reports on leading edge issues of access control, including models, systems, applications, and theory. The aims of the symposium were to share novel access control solutions that fulfill the needs of heterogeneous applications and environments, and to identify new directions for future research and development.

The conference, organized by the Centre for the Cyber Security opened with the 1st International Workshop on Trends in Digital Identity (TDI). Identity management is a critical component in the development and deployment of digital services in a variety of fields, including e-commerce, e-government, healthcare, and financial services. With the increased adoption of digital technologies, the demand for reliable identity management solutions is greater than ever. This brings many challenges ranging from technical (such as security and interoperability) to legal and regulatory (such as data protection and privacy). Addressing these challenges requires collaboration among researchers and practitioners from various fields with an interdisciplinary approach. This workshop seeks to foster this collaboration to share knowledge, experiences, and best practices obtained from dealing with the identity management field.

In the video attached you can view the interviews to the members of the local scientific committee of SACMAT and TDI: : Silvio Ranise, director of the Center for the Cybersecurity, Giada Sciarretta and Marco Pernpruner, researchers of the centre.


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