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WebValley 2021: the call for the new (virtual) edition is now open

May 20, 2021

Second year of virtual edition for the format that sees students and researchers collaborating together during the summer

From 2001, the arrival of summer at FBK has been synonymous with WebValley, an interdisciplinary research project in the field of AI that sees researchers and students aged 17 and over working side by side, tackling issues of strong ethical interest, such as human and environmental health.

The original format, a three-week camp at a location in Trentino, had, for pandemic reasons, to go virtual, and the new format was successfully tested in 2020 and also adopted for 2021.

In any case, the staff made every effort to offer participants a high-quality immersive and instructive experience, with a “widespread” laboratory (SCATTERED LAB) which sees the team of girls and boys distributed and in connection with the core of the tutors connected by a base camp (HEAD OFFICE) hosted at the Artigianelli Institute of Trento, thanks to the fruitful collaboration established in recent years.

The school will last for two weeks, from Monday 08/08 to Friday 08/27/2021 and will target students who have attended the 4th year of high school during school year 2020/21. This year’s edition will be devoted to the application of machine learning and artificial intelligence tools in healthcare, in collaboration with the FBK Digital Health & Wellbeing Center and the Data Science for Health and eHealthLab units. Tentatively, the camp will include courses/ onboarding (courses in the morning, practical activities in the afternoon, notions targeted to work only and workshops) during the first week, and a work project during the second one.

Applications for Webvalley 2021 can be submitted from May 20 until June 18, 2021. The successful candidate team will be identified and officially announced by Friday, July 9, 2021.

In addition to the opportunity to experience scientific research and data science first hand, Webvalley also offers a great opportunity to practice English, since the call is open to international students. In fact, 2021 candidates are required, in addition to strong motivation and an excellent school curriculum, proficiency in the English language and strong communication skills.

Students who participate in WebValley will have the opportunity to be credited 76 School-to-Work Program hours at the discretion of schools.

So, we wish good luck to the students who want to try their hand at this new educational, but also extremely fun adventure!






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