For a Human-Centered AI

Cristina Pozzi

Author of the book “2050. Futuristic Guide for time travelers”, which tells the 2050 showing the impacts of changes on our lives and aims to make the reader reflect on the opportunities and responsibilities we have in the present to embark on the journey to the best with awareness and critical spirit of possible future. Co-founder and CEO of Impactscool, an open organization that brings immersive and free training in schools and universities on the themes of exponential technologies, focusing in particular on the social, moral and ethical impacts of the changes they cause. Impactscool aims to bring awareness and open the debate through innovative methods and a unique mix of online education and collaboration and physical meetings. Cristina is Advisor and Angel Investor of several Italian and international startups and writes about technology on her blog In the past, she founded with Andrea Dusi, and was its General Manager, Wish Days, an Italian success story created in 2006 and sold to an international group in 2016. FBK Magazine Guest blogger from March 2018. Young Global Leader 2019 (World Economic Forum).

Author's articles

  • March 19, 2018
    The ethics of machines
    The ability to create intelligent machines gives rise to many ethical issues for human beings, some very profound, others more "practical". Here's what we discussed at the "Co.Scienza" festival on March 8 in Trento