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AGRIOT: artificial intelligence applied to agriculture

October 11, 2019

On SKY TG 24, within the NOW show, the story on the FBK project aimed at water saving in agriculture

Internet of things (IoT) is becoming part of our practices and farmers as well are gearing up to get support from this technology. AGRIOT is an example of how these small devices can improve their day-to-day work and their products. The story that was broadcast on SKY TG 24, in the segment dedicated to technology and science called “NOW”, features Giuliano Preghenella’s farm and vineyard in Roverè della Luna, where Fondazione Bruno Kessler’s researchers are experimenting with a system that could save between 30 and 50 percent of the water used for irrigation.

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How does it work? Sensors installed between the rows in the vineyard can collect significant parameters on the conditions in which the plants live. Sensors measure soil moisture and study the climatic conditions in which plants live. The goal is to provide tools for farmers to monitor, measure and optimize the irrigation cycle.

FBK and Microsoft Trento-based Fondazione Bruno Kessler is a top institution in the field of research and artificial intelligence. Microsoft has included FBK in the “Ai for earth” international program to address global environmental challenges, helping to implement projects based on artificial intelligence in areas such as climate, agriculture, biodiversity and water resources.

Some of the protagonists of FBK research and of the project in particular were interviewed in the show: Fabio Antonelli (researcher and head of the OpenIoT unit) and Paolo Traverso (director of the FBK ICT center)

(source: SKY TG 24 / NOW)

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